That was unexpected.

8 10 2008

As many of you know, I love sports, and particularly the Royals. What I didn’t realize was why. And after 23 years of rooting on the Boys in Blue, all it took was an innocent question from a Dodger fan on a message board to help me figure it out. Read below for her question and my answer.

Q: The Royals is a team that I know absolutely nothing about, as you never really hear anything form them in the rest of the baseball world. I would just like to hear from some Royals fans and hear what they love about their home team? Cheers.

Seems innocent enough, right? I thought so too. Then Mr. Sentimentality came out, as he’s so apt to do during the late-night hours.

A: To answer your question, I love the Royals because I grew up in Kansas City to a family of baseball fans. Needless to say, I learned very early on about Amos Otis, Frank White, Willie Wilson, U.L. Washington and the rest. My first really vivid memory is watching my dad watch fireworks beyond the outfield walls at a Friday night game. My old high-school coaches will even tell you my swing used to resemble Mr. Brett’s, all the way down to the finger tape.

It’s true that the Boys in Blue have been hard to watch in my lifetime, but that doesn’t really matter much to me anymore. They still usher in the warm, sunny summer months every year, and going to a game still allows me to enjoy a few simple pleasures, no matter what the outcome. You probably know what I’m talking about. Looking down upon grass that’s greener than my lawn will ever be, feeling the relief of a cool breeze on a hot July night and most importantly, just enjoying an few hours with the ones I love.

I know I could do those things at any old ballpark, but it just doesn’t feel right anywhere else but home.

I hope you’ve been treated better on other boards that you were here — and watch out for those Royals next year. I think they finally might be a fun team to root for.


The time is near.

8 09 2008

The wedding is less than a week away, and it finally feels like it’s really going to happen. Suprisingly, I’m not freaking out at all. A weekend out of town let me kick back, relax and forget about the big day for just over 48 hours, and I’m feeling very refreshed and ready for the final push. In fact, just looking at the calendar is making me very happy lately.

The Month

The Month

The Day

The Day

The Vacation

The Vacation

Happy Things 8.26.08

26 08 2008

Here’s the latest in what’s making my day. More to come — I got a nice little haul from my man shower.

1. A great crowd 2. A good game 3. Chromed-out shelves 4. Roasterie blueberry muffin 5. Roasterie iced coffee 6. Tastebud magazine 7. New mugs 8. New dishes 9. NCAA 09 -- bring it, bitches.

1. A great crowd 2. A good game 3. Chromed-out shelves 4. Roasterie blueberry muffin 5. Roasterie iced coffee 6. Tastebud magazine 7. New mugs 8. New dishes 9. NCAA 09 -- bring it, bitches.

Thanks again, FD’s Flickr Toys.

Happy Things 8.11.08

11 08 2008

Here’s attempt #2 at Happy Things. I would have more photos in this set, but my iPhone shat last night and took my photos with it.

Update: iPhone back up and running (thank god), so a couple of posts will be coming up soon.

1. a href=Have any Happy Things of your own? Then share them. Take a picture to remind you of what makes your life better. That way, you’ll know what to seek out in the future.

Introducing: Happy Things

30 07 2008

What are happy things? Well, it seems like they don’t need much explanation. They’re little things, encountered at one point or another during the daily grind, that make this lately-gloomy copywriter happy for a moment.

1. Mosaic table, 2. My new basil plant., 3. Ain't She Purdy?, 4. Pillows, 5. NEW COUCH!, 6. New Pillows, 7. Happy eggs, 8. My white boy feet in the front yard., 9. Da new Chucks.

So, without further ado, I present the 7.30.08 version of Happy Things.