Thank you, everybody

25 08 2008

This weekend was a very busy, but very fun one. Friday, Niki and I welcomed two new members of the family into our home (ok, so it was only a washer and dryer, but hey — you gotta start somewhere) and went to dinner courtesy of 75th Street Brewery.

Saturday, four of my very best friends threw me one of the very best parties I’ve ever been to, and certainly the best one that was ever thrown for me. From the grilling to the game to the party bus and all the free beers that were placed lovingly in my hand by those guys, I truly enjoyed every minute of one of my final evenings as a bachelor.

And just when I thought nothing more could go my way, one of those same four friends had the heart (and wallet) to pay for my lunch on Sunday as well. Having worked in an entry-level position for the last year or so, I definitely know the value of a dollar, and my buddies happily spent more than a few on me over a couple of days.

Then, as if all this wasn’t enough, 11 of my closest adult friends (well, they’re more like surrogate parents) threw me a big bash that included dinner, drinks and a nice collection of man-centric gifts that only a Kinner would love.

All in all, I had an awesome time and, once again, can’t think you all enough for all that you’ve provided me not only this weekend, but throughout our respective relationships. It is true that, like the Beatles always say “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Thanks again, folks. I truly do appreciate you all.

Oh, and pictures of all the festivities are forthcoming, once I get a chance to collect them all up.