Introducing OutFEAST!

18 08 2008

Although I love nothing more in this world than preparing my food, sometimes I’m just too lazy to throw something together or genuinely just want somebody to serve me. That’s when I like to do what I call “outsourcing my FEAST!” or “outFEASTing” at a local restaurant.

And since I so love remembering these experiences for my own personal reference and judging them, well, just because I like judging things, I’m introducing an OutFEAST! column here on the greatest blog that I write and nobody reads.

But who gets the dubious honor of being the first OutFEAST! reviewee? I’ll tell you who: Blue Grotto, located right in the heart of Brookside on the same strip as other popular local joints Brooksider, Jalapeno’s and Domo sushi.

Now you’ll notice I said “other popular local joints,” thus implying that the Blue Grotto is also popular. And while that may not be completely true yet, I can tell you that with the food, service and ambience in this little wood-fired pizza place, it soon will be. Here’s why:

Simply put, this is one of those places where you can just tell that everything, from the bar top to the brew selection (none of your usual cheap domestics) to the lighting to the staircase to the plates and silverware — oh, and most of all, the look and taste of the food — has been given a load and a half of thought. And it’s all designed to create a relaxing, thought-provoking and thoroughly tasty eating experience.

For example, just look at the drink glasses:

Funky-fresh design like this can be found EVERYWHERE in Blue Grotto

Funky-fresh design like this can be found EVERYWHERE in Blue Grotto.

Notice the tall, slender design that gives an iced tea an entirely new and different look and feel? That’s exactly what you’ll notice about every aspect of your dining experience. A little strange twist here, or a different spin there create an entirely unique space and menu that please every one of your senses.

Now couple all this with the fact that the light, fresh, wood-fired gourmet pizza is absurdly good, and you’ve got a pretty good 1-2 punch of awesome. But how does it stack up against some of the other pizza joints in the area? Simply put: it doesn’t. Much like BlancBurger isn’t in the same category as Winstead’s, Blue Grotto isn’t in the same category of Minsky’s, Waldo Pizza or D’Bronx. It’s a little more upscale, a lot more creative and completely unique.

My recommendation: Let me just put it this way — I’ll be back. Tomorrow. And maybe the next day. If you wanna grab dinner, let me know, because if you’re going to Blue Grotto, I’d be happy to join you.