Comics FTW: Diesel Sweeties

8 10 2008

Oh Diesel Sweeties, why doth I love thee? Is it because you’re illustrated in 8-bit? Partly, but it runs much deeper than that. You seem, so often, to capture my feelings with such precision and frequency that I am beginning to feel as if you and I are somehow fated to be together, basking in electronic glory forever and ever.

That was weird. Let’s just move on to an example. This one is my absolute favorite:

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Comics FTW: Jumbo Ranger.

29 09 2008

There was crime.

And then there was Jumbo Ranger.


There’s nothing like taking the often illegal and always hilarious practices of law enforcement and putting them in a 1-3 panel comic. Check it out.

Introducing: Comics FTW

2 09 2008

As anybody who reads this blog likely knows, I spend a LOT of time in front of a computer. I work in front of one for about eight hours a day, and sometimes a little bit more at night. And while much of this time is spent typing away on MS Word (ugh), I also find the time to find some pretty rockin’ crap on the web.

Of all the stuff out there, though, my favorite genre of web find it the web comic. When I find a new one that’s halfway decent, I instantly bookmark it, and I’ve found quite a few funny, depressing, goofy or poignant ones that are more or less based on guys like me (young, slightly geeky but pretty fun-loving dudes).

And now, so that I may further share my life with any or all of you that care to read, I’m putting the best of the best up on Creative Petrol.

So, without further ado, our first featured comic: Questionable Content. It’s goofy, it’s geeky and it’s characters live how I’d like to be living in oh, about five years. And based on the tone of the comic from the first few entries to the current post (the author’s up to about 1200 or so), the main character seems to closely resemble this humble blogger. He starts out unsatisfied with work, a little depressed and a lot alone. Over time, though, he seems to find the right girl, start to embrace what he does for a living and really make a life for himself — and it’s one I’ve pretty thoroughly enjoyed following.

To see the development of tone (and a massive jump in both writing and illustration skills), check out the two posts below. The first is an early effort, and the last a more recent entry.

Strip #11

Strip #11

Strip #1220

Strip #1220

Want more? Then hop on over to Questionable Content for another 1219 mostly funny strips.