Does Natalie Dee read this blog?

30 09 2008

While the answer is undoubtedly no, she did read my mind and post up this comic today:

Damn you, Natalie Dee

OK, OK. I'll stop.

She’s right. I should be happy that while I don’t work near my home, I at least have one to return to every evening, and it’s not being foreclosed on any time soon.


Comics FTW: Dino Comics

22 09 2008

They’re strange, they’re poorly illustrated and they’re formulaic. But, most importantly, they’re very often god-damned hilarious. How funny, you ask?

Well, I can’t explain it exactly, but let me put it this way. Imagine a conversation you might have with your best friend at one of your most inspired (drunk) moments. Now imagine dinosaurs that are several stories tall having those same conversations while smashing strange pixelated log cabin buildings. Hmmm…that doesn’t really capture it completely. Here, just read a couple samples instead.



Rawr again.

Rawr again.

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