Introducing: Inspiration

19 08 2008

From time to time on Creative Petrol, I’ll be posting various things that I really don’t want to forget. Sometimes it will be a picture, sometimes a video, and sometimes just a few words. This time, you’ll see, it’s a few sentences on fatherhood, form the photo essay entitled Mother by Jim Erickson. It reminds me what kind of person, husband and father I hope to be.

Here’s the excerpt:

“Sometimes my dad had to pitch in and help with the task of being “mother.” My father, Romaine Erickson, was a worker in a tire factory. None of his friends, who called him “Lefty,” would say that he was “in touch with his feminine side,” but he was. He had many of the traits you would normally associate with Mother. Lefty’s intuition was to nurture. He possesses a sweetness and generosity that has always given me a feeling of being home.

A father who possesses kindness, calm, and a soft, nurturing hand. I know this particular paragraph is written about Romaine Erickson, but I hope one day something similar is written about Nicholas Kinney.

Check out Jim Erickson’s Mother on Amazon.